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4 layers that work together to provide the right amount of support and pressure relieving comfort.  Our Conforma Prime is our most luxurious model!  

2 inch Comfort layer. Top comfort layer with Aqua Gel foam. Pressure relieving soft feel. Extreme open cell structure for rapid dissipation of body heat.

2 inch Comfort layer.  Medium firmness memory foam

2 inch Transition layer.  High-density, quick response, water expanded foam

8 inch | Air Pod base foam for increased airflow. AirPod towers adapt to the contours of the body to reduce pressure points and motion transfer for an optimum orthopaedic support from head to toe. Anatomically zoned support. Optimized for flexibility when set up on adjustable bases.

Water expanded and Ultra Breathable Foam
Arctic covers with PCM cooling treatment and fabric

10 Year Limited Warranty

Made in Italy

We have designed our mattress from the base up.  Support comes from the base of the mattress and as many brands opt to cut corners and cost with a bedspring hybrid approach, we decided to use advanced foam technology to better suit your needs.  Our premium base foams are shaped into adaptive columns that keep the spine aligned and let air flow through the base and up out of the breathable foams.  The AirPod is the key to a better mattress.  Without a good base, a mattress loses its ability to give you a restful sleep.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Giac (Laval, Quebec, Canada)

I have suffered from back pain and neck stiffness for a while, after the first night I could already see a difference. The mattress is so incredibly comfortable but offers fantastic support. I fall asleep very quickly and slept through the night which I had not done for a long time. I only have great things to say about it and highly recommend it to everyone.

Megan (Laval, Quebec, Canada)
Best Mattress I’ve owned

Cant say enough amazing things about this mattress! I don’t even feel like I have any body pains anymore and I sleep through the night so easily and peacefully. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes anything between firm and soft it’s like floating on a cloud.

Soyoung Park (Portland, Oregon, United States)
Beyond impressed and so grateful!

I didn't realize I needed this mattress until my old mattress started giving me horrible back pain and terrible sleep. A year ago I opted for a cheaper mattress and paid the price. My old mattress started losing its structure and created a hammock effect that was sending me to the chiropractor. I felt the difference IMMEDIATELY with the Conforma Prime and I'm so grateful for finding this bed. It has the perfect combination of soft yet firm to keep my back supported and comfortable. Aside from waking up pain-free, I feel more refreshed than I have in a very long time. Thank you Blu Sleep for making a mattress that's amazing quality and also better for the environment! I love this bed so much!

Hi Soyoung, we love to hear that you're enjoying your new mattress so much and are enjoying the supportive, restful and sustainable benefits of the Conforma Prime! Thank you for your feedback - wishing you sweet dreams from us here at Blu Sleep

David Watkins (Portland, Oregon, United States)
Finally ended my search for the perfect bed.

I had thought that a comfortable bed and a bed that was good for my back were concepts that were diametrically opposed until I made the switch to the Blu Sleep Prime. Sore back issues have already resolved themselves to the point at which it feels like I'm getting a chiro session every time I sleep. I get to sleep quicker than ever before and the construction is so good that I think I'll have a lot of great nights of sleep on my bed. I paid almost double for my old Tempurpedic and like the Conforma Prime 100x better, and it sleeps much cooler as well. Definitely a huge step above the bed in a box solutions but given how much sleep affects my productivity, I can't recommend it enough.

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