Blu Sleep




4 layers that work together to provide the right amount of support and pressure relieving comfort. 

1 inch | Plush Vitality water-expanded memory foam

2 inch | Comfort layer.  Medium firmness memory foam

2 inch | Transition layer.  High-density quick response water expanded foam

8 inch | Air Pod base foam for increased airflow. AirPod towers adapt to the contours of the body to reduce pressure points and motion transfer for an optimum orthopaedic support from head to toe. Anatomically zoned support. Optimized for flexibility when set up on adjustable bases.

Water expanded and Ultra Breathable Foam
Arctic covers with PCM cooling treatment and fabric

10 Year Limited Warranty

Made in Italy

We have designed our mattress from the base up.  Support comes from the base of the mattress and as many brands opt to cut corners and cost with a bedspring hybrid approach, we decided to use advanced foam technology to better suit your needs.  Our premium base foams are shaped into adaptive columns that keep the spine aligned and let air flow through the base and up out of the breathable foams.  The AirPod is the key to a better mattress.  Without a good base, a mattress loses its ability to give you a restful sleep.


Customer Reviews

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Frank T.
Total comfort, Best sleep ever

For many years, although we thought we had a decent mattress, we always had a hard time getting up in the morning.
The fact is that it was way to soft.
Made out of a latex base and a gel type memory foam on top, our bodies where sinking in the mattress and it was badly affecting our sleep.
Every time we would turn or move, the formed hole made by our position, would take forever to come back flat.
After making a bit of research on the subject, it was time to get a firmer bed.
I came across Blu Sleep and after reading a lot of reviews, we got convinced about there products and decided to get a mattress and 2 pillows.
The first night we try our new Blu mattress, we both agreed that it was absolutely the best and most confortable sleep we've had since we can remember.
What a difference it made the next morning ! We got up so well rested and feeling better than ever, and it has been like this since the first day/night.
We asked ourselves how could we have endured this torture for such a long time ?
Our mattress sits on platform and combine with those amazing Blu pillows, this is the perfect match. Really, this has changed our life.
I sincerely think that this purchase is one of the best investment of our life.
I highly recommend there products.

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