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Premium Italian Made Foam Made in China
Cover made in Canada Made in China
Infused with soothing essential oils No plant oils used in the chemistry foam
Open cell foam with ventilation channels to ensure breath-ability. Our Foamed Gels are 300 times more breathable than traditional memory foam Closed cell with no ventilation channels
Water Expanded: instead of using harmful chemicals Chemicals used to expand foam
Washable Cooling Cover: High tech woven fibers wick away body heat for long lasting cooling Sprayed on cooling agent that will wash off.
Quick Recovery Foam: works and adapts to your body so you don't end up sleeping in a hole. No flipping or adjusting Slow recovery
Non-temperature sensitive: Feels the same all night long Sleeps warm
No foul odor Need to air out because of chemical smell
Suitable for all sleepers All sleeper
5 year limited warranty 5 year limited warranty

Packaging: Heat Sealed Mylar packaging to seal in freshness

Packaging: Generic looking packaging. You don't know if it has been opened before.

Oekotex Certified: Foam certified to be free of harmful substances.

Not all certified

Essential Oil Pillows

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