Founded in 2006, Blu Sleep is a global modern sleep brand that looks to technology, nature, and quality manufacturing to help sleepers achieve their best night of sleep. We manufacture from the finest factories in Italy and use our heritage as inspiration for our products.

Alex Ciccolella, CEO and co-owner of Blu Sleep utilizes his science knowledge that he acquired from his undergrad in biochemistry and research. He has spearheaded Blu Sleep’s product research and development ventures that focus on material quality, foam formulations, and technologies used in foam and textile manufacturing.

The sleep technology Blu Sleep creates is engineered to help support the body, and find the perfect sleep system for each individual.

Elizabeth Dell’Accio, President and co-owner of Blu Sleep is known for her strong marketing skills, artistic contributions and effective financial strategies. Her passion for health and sleep contribute to the products look and feel.

“Some of our best memories were of our summer trips to the south of Italy. We were both drawn to the calm and soothing feeling of the water and sand. We wanted to share that experience with everyone that brings us back time and time again. The beautiful landscapes, culinary experiences, and the culture truly inspired us to create what Blu Sleep is today. Everything from our patented technologies, essential oils, to even our signature colors echo the personal homage we pay to those very memories. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do."
We believe in a clean and minimal presentation that communicates the message – without unnecessary elements. The Blu Sleep vision is to evoke the mood of an Italian travel experience to the clear waters of the south. Our visual identity communicates this feeling to our customers.
We get straight to the point, without any unnecessary words. Our messaging should be strong with as few words as possible. We want to invoke emotion and satisfy our consumer’s desires on the deepest level – with an honest, genuine, and real language.
We are highly skilled in creating some of the best quality foams on the market that also happen to be OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and CERTI-PUR. Sustainability is not a trend but an essential element of quality. We are experts in developing water expanded foam used in our mattresses and pillows. This is a journey that is intertwined with the future of Blu Sleep. 
Customer focused
Personalized CSR to guarantee a flawless customer experience paired with a strong warranty program support. We offer a quick ship program, orders are processed and shipped within a 48-hour window. North American coverage is ensured with two DC’s as well as drop ship programs.